Perfect abs with abdominal exerciser

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Most of the people are fascinated by the perfect abs that celebrities and sports stars flaunt. Many men these days are in the mood to get those six pack abs but achieving that through regular exercises is very time consuming and can be painstaking too. The conventional ab crunches and presses are very painful and take a lot of time to tone up perfectly. Many people, just like the celebrities do, go for surgical procedures that do not give a permanent solution. Also, invasive measures are dangerous; you may experience many side effects and health problems in near future.

Abdominal exerciser

A wide range of abdominal exercise equipments are available on the market. They can help you carve the perfect body that you want. These equipments allow you to do multiple exercises that are otherwise almost impossible with the conventional manual methods. These equipments allow you to do simple exercises that are to be performed consistently for a period of a few months to get great results. They can help you get rid of the fats stored around your abdomen and waist. The accumulation of fats around the abdomen, the waist or the midriff region is termed as central adiposity, intra-abdominal fat or central obesity. Doing regular exercises can not only tone up your abdominal muscles but can also keep away serious problems like artherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (ASCVD). The best part is that these equipments are safe, accurate, portable and easy to use.

Let us take you through the mechanism of action of a popular abdominal exercise equipment known as Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt. This belt is designed for the beginners who have just started their exercise regime. This belt is comfortable and easy to use. You just need to fit it around your waist and midriff region and push the start button. It will start working on your abdominal and midriff region without leaving you drenched in sweat.

The mechanism of action of these belts is very simple. Using them is just like doing crunches but without that much effort. It imitates the contraction and relaxation action of the nerve endings in your muscles. Two electrodes in the belt can enhance your abdominal muscles and give you the desired results in a short span of time. In general terms, these exercises are referred to as Faradic muscle stimulation.

You can set the intensity of the exercises from a level between 0-40, depending on the intensity of exercise you need. You can get the desired results if you take a proper balanced diet- one that does not contain any junk food. A regular physical exercise such as walking or jogging can also help you get great results.

The belt comes with an LCD display unit which controls 2 electrodes for stimulating your abdominal muscles. Five different programmes and various intensities make exercises more intense and powerful. You can comfortably walk, move or sit with the belt on as it is very comfortable and not at all painful.

A 20-30 minute session with this belt for a few weeks can give you the results you want. All you need is determination and commitment to do these exercises on a regular basis without fail.

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