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Published: 17th October 2011
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All women who have experienced pregnancy can attest to it being one of the more difficult times of their lives. As a woman enters the various stages of the pregnancy leading up to child birth, she experiences more pressure on the lower back, and bladder due to the weight of the baby. Conditions like varicose veins and chronic back pain are very common amongst pregnant women. Maternity belts and girdles come into the picture ease the aforementioned pressure by creating extra support for the belly.

Maternity belts

One of the simplest forms of maternity belts is an elastic belt that is configured to fit bellies of different sizes. Maternity belts are worn below the stomach or could also be worn around the back. Their objective is to compress the region, in order to reduce back pain. The use of maternity belts can also improve the blood flow to the pelvic region. They also reduce the pressure exerted on the bladder. You can choose from a number of maternity belts, some offering more features than others. The difference between the various maternity belts is usually in the form of the area covered, for offering support. There are some maternity belts that go both over and under the belly while there are others that offer more support by going over the shoulders.

Maternity girdles

Maternity girdles are available in the form of shapewear that works at two levels. Firstly, it supports the stomach during pregnancy and secondly it also makes the woman appear slimmer, by giving the stomach a subtle lift. The maternity girdle also has a protective benefit and many girdles protect the unborn child from the harmful impact of radio and sound waves. As the woman expands through the course of her pregnancy, so does the maternity girdle. The main objective of the maternity girdle is to support the baby, so that the woman can comfortably continue with her daily routine. You can choose from a number of available options including RelaxMaternity Silver Protective Girdle and RelaxMaternity Progressive Girdle etc.

Maternity support girdle Why choose them

We have underlined the benefits of the maternity girdles but the point is that there are many women who can do without maternity support girdles. So, why use them? Maternity support girdles are available in various shapes and offer a range of benefits. These stylishly designed products with their malleability are an effective mix of both practicality and discretion. With their flattened seams these maternity girdles can be hidden underneath your daily apparel and can be worn close to the skin. Apart from its various other benefits it also helps keep the skin cool and fresh.

Post pregnancy girdles

As the name suggests, post pregnancy advanced support girdles help you post childbirth. After pregnancy the body goes through a process of reconditioning. The use of a post-pregnancy girdle helps facilitate the process and also works as a slimming catalyst. Choosing the right post pregnancy girdle will also help your skin regain its lost elasticity. When you buy a post pregnancy girdle make sure that it is comfortable and can be fit under your clothing.

Maternity girdles and maternity belts are geared to offer every bit of convenience and provide relief from all the pain and pressure associated with pregnancy. Make sure that you buy the belt or girdle that suits your needs and requirements best, to get the maximum benefit out of them.

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