ElectroFlex Circulation Booster: For enhanced circulation

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Published: 19th January 2011
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Standing for long hours or sitting in one position for a long time can give you a tingling feeling on your feet/legs or sometimes can even make your legs/feet feel numb. This happens when adequate blood is not circulated to that particular part of your body. The blood in our body is a carrier of vital nutrients, proteins, minerals and oxygen needed for the proper functioning of all body parts. The inadequacy of blood supply or a blocked supply of blood can lead to serious health problems that can affect your overall health or even lead to critical conditions.

How does a poor circulation happen?

The arteries, veins and capillaries form the circulatory system of our body and are also known as blood vessels. They carry blood to different parts of the blood when the blood is pumped through the heart. If there is any blockage of the blood vessels or any blood clots, the smooth circulation of blood is hindered. Usually a thickening or broadening of the arteries can lead to the obstruction.

Many people feel this kind of a thing but do not know the seriousness of the issue. If not given attention, the condition can worsen, especially if it is caused by arteriosclerosis (the thickening of the walls of the arteries). The problems associated with poor blood circulation include coronary heart disease, vascular problems, hypertension, heart problems or extreme varicose veins. Frequent feeling of numbness or prolonged swelling and pain on the legs/feet, arms, neck or back can be a signal that you should get it treated before it gets too late.

Treating poor circulation

Poor circulation problems can be treated and that too without any invasive surgeries or any kind of medical procedures. You can treat this problem at the comfort of your home by taking help of the ElectroFlex Circulation Booster. This is an electronic device that uses the T. E. N. S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)Technology to treat poor circulation. This equipment emits low frequency electro waves targeting the various never endings and pressure points on your feet. This allows a smooth massage and stimulation of the veins of the body which ultimately enhances your blood circulation. This can even loosen the thick arteries or unblock the blocked arteries by removing the clogs. It is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience which will alleviate your pain or swelling and make you feel good.

ElectroFlex comes with an infra-red facility which allows you to get a far end massage. You can also treat pain or swelling on the back, neck or arms with the help of the four gel pads which can be attached to your body. A smooth massage can not only give you relief from constant pain, swelling and poor circulation problems but also be a 25 minute enjoyable experience altogether. A regular usage of this device will give you fruitful results and instant relief.

A better blood circulation is what you need for leading a healthy disease-free life in the longer run. By using ElectroFlex circulation booster, you can avoid heart problems and save yourself from various health related issues.

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