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Published: 08th February 2011
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Many people suffer from health problems that are because of poor blood circulation. These problems include heart diseases, varicose veins, coronary problems, cardiovascular problems, pain and swelling on legs or other parts of the body. But most of the people who suffer from such problems may not be aware that what is the actual cause of these. Even diagnosis may not correctly find out that the original or the actual cause of these problems may be the inadequate supply of blood to the body.

Blood Circulation

Our body comprises different body parts which are supplied with blood that is pumped through the heart. The blood is transported to different parts of the body with the help of blood vessels. The arteries, capillaries and veins together form our circulatory system and are known as blood vessels. All our body parts function because of blood supply. If the supply of blood stops or is inadequate to some parts of the body, it might cause pain, swelling or other severe health issues.

Poor Blood Circulation

When an artery/vein is blocked by a blood clot or by the deposition of impurities on the walls, a proper blood flow to the body is obstructed. This can lead to improper functioning of body parts as adequate blood is not being supplied to them. In this case, you can feel pain, swelling, numbness or a feeling of tingling in your feet, legs, arms or back. This can feel like a normal phenomenon to you but what you must know is that this problem can be dangerous for your health in future and treating it immediately is vital. Sometimes this also happens because of the thickening or hardening of arteries.

What to do?

If you are suffering from poor blood circulation, you should immediately consult a doctor or try the Electro Flex Circulation Massager. The Electro Flex Circulation booster/massager is a breakthrough device which can help you treat low circulation problems by enhancing the blood flow in your body. It uses the advanced TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) technology to treat blood circulation problems. All you need to do is to keep your feet on the massager and turn it on. It sends low frequency electro waves to your body and stimulates the nerve endings and pressure points located in your legs. This massages the legs/arms/feet and loosens the arteries and eliminates the blood clots/clogs to facilitate smooth blood circulation.

Not only does this device enhance your blood circulation, it also comes with a remote far away infra red foot massager that massager your feet and makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. This massaging can loosen your muscles and alleviate pain or swelling. Also, the Electro Flex circulation booster comes with four independent gel pads that can be applied to any part of your body for getting a massage or a rejuvenating experience. The benefits of the Electro Flex Circulation booster does not end with just improved circulation but you can stay away from various health risks such as heart problems, arthritis, extreme varicose veins or other vascular problems. Electro Flex Circulation is a good way to improve your lifestyle and stay healthy for life.

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